How To Create A Luxury Interior On A Budget

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How To Create A Luxury Interior On A Budget

In the wise words of Dale Kerrigan, “A man’s house is his castle”. Unfortunately, not all of us have the resources of the royal family behind us – so it’s necessary to employ some ingenious techniques to get a million-dollar look with a less imposing price tag. These 4 tips will help you get the most bang for your buck, and keep both your interior and your bank account looking great:

1. Use second-hand or recycled materials

Pinterest and other social media sites are full of ideas for how you can convert run-down older pieces, construction materials and even seemingly useless packaging material into aesthetically pleasing features for your home. Old beer crates as ottomans, converted wine barrel coffee tables…you name it, the internet can tell you how to make it!

And if second hand is not your style, you can opt for generic flat-pack furniture and customise it with some budget-friendly accessories. Gilded corners and metallic spray paint go a long way in transforming a room, and they cost very little.

2. Carefully plan your lighting design

Lighting is one of those builder’s standard accessories that can be minimal, functional, and lacking in character – or it can add a rich, luxurious feel to your home. Shop one statement lighting piece to add interest to a room, or purchase string lights to easily draw attention to a feature wall. And think about the unlit spots too – any features you’d rather hide can be easily obscured by carefully cast shadows.

3. Think about colour palette

Nudes, beiges and earth tones all exude luxury. Bright paints and patterns may seem appealing because they easily add intrigue to a room, but they can often scream ‘cheap’! Think about the last 5-star hotel you stayed in (if you’re lucky enough to have experienced one) – what colour was the carpet? Walls? Neutral tones are unimposing and warm and leave you more leeway with other decorations. Plus, they’ll much more easily accommodate an over-the-top chandelier, should you wish to install one.

4. Spend where it counts

On some things, you can cut corners, like our tips on buying your furniture second hand. But think hard about your budget because other things can’t be skimped on. Saving a few dollars on workmanship now may lead to huge problems down the road, from leaky roofs to peeling wallpaper. There is nothing less luxurious than waking up in the middle of the night to water gushing from the roof! Always use a registered, accredited professional, and obtain all necessary consents in advance, to save yourself a huge headache – and even bigger repair bills – down the track.

Just by following a few simple tricks above, you can shave thousands of dollars off your renovation budget. Luxury is about more than just the amount of cash laid down – it’s about the state of mind and love that goes into planning a home. Set a budget, stick to it, and enjoy your beautifully crafted interior guilt-free.

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