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Indie Living are renovation / addition specialists who use their extensive experience to work with you to deliver the home that meets your needs for many years into the future.

Renovation / Additions to maximise your investment

Renovating or making additions to your existing home is the right option for many people. You are already part of the community – close to work, the kids are settled at school and there are parts of your existing home that you love and may want to keep or highlight as part of the renovation process. Many locations in the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie area have become property hotspots and renovating or adding to your existing property lets you take advantage of that situation. When deciding to undertake a large renovation / addition you want to have the confidence that you have the right builder guiding you through the process. You need the experience of a builder who will inspect your property to highlight any potential problems before commencing a renovation or addition to your existing property. Indie Living understands the impact of a renovation / addition on your current life and will provide you with the right advice and information from the first meeting. Indie Living are the renovation / addition specialists who use their extensive experience to work with you to deliver the home that meets your needs for many years into the future. Indie Living has transformed many different styles of homes and delivered not only the highest quality but delivered it on time and on budget. With Indie Living as your renovation / addition specialist builder you can relax and enjoy the process of maximising the value of your home with a high quality renovation or addition.

Choose Indie Living For Renovation & Addition Confidence

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Renovation / Addition

Indie Living understand the complexities of integrating your existing home with your renovation or addition. We can provide advice before work commences to ensure your renovation or addition is seamless and delivers on all your expectations

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Timeline & Budget

Indie Living work with you on the budget for your home and the timeline to bring your vision to life. We understand the importance of minimising the impact on your life during the process.

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Building with Indie Living provides you with the option to choose the finishes and items to achieve the vision you have for your home, your choices make it unique to you.

Renovation / Addition process

How does it work and what do you need to know?


In the first meeting we discuss your vision, what you want to achieve and your budget. This is the first step to a renovation / addition that suits your lifestyle and is matched to your needs and budget.


Your plans are the first step in the process, Indie Living review your plans before a site visit. If you haven’t decided on a design that meets your needs, a site visit will provide valuable insight into your goals. We will provide advice on how to easily integrate your ideas into your existing home.


If you do not have your renovation or addition approved, we will complete all the necessary council approvals using a private certifier to make the process as simple as possible from start to finish.

Detailed Quote

Once your plans are completed and approved, we prepare you a detailed quote covering every stage of your renovation / addition.

Building Contract

When you approve the quote we then prepare the contract for you to sign. After signing the contract Indie Living will commence the renovation / addition process and start to bring your vision to life.


There is usually some demolition needed for Renovations / Additions. We manage the entire demolition phase of the project to make sure it is completed as efficiently and safely as possible.


Once the required demolition is completed we commence the Renovation / Addition to your home. With regular updates and a dedicated contact, we ensure that from start to finish it is a collaborative process.


Once the construction process is completed and the final inspection is completed your life will not just return to normal – it will be the life you and Indie Living created for your future.

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