How to find a custom home builder

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How to find a custom home builder

You have a block of land and a vision or you might even have plans. The next step is locating a builder that can complete your new home. Choosing a builder isn’t a simple task, but before you can even do that you need to know how to find the right type of builder for your project.

With an endless list of builders it is important you know the things you need & what you value when choosing a builder. We are going to focus on finding a custom home builder. Assuming you need a personalised & unique home to match your needs, lifestyle and budget then a custom home builder will be the way to go.

So how do you go about finding a custom home builder?

Google search to find a custom home builder near you

It’s the first place people usually go these days to find an answer or find a service or product. A simple Google search will bring up a list of comparable builders that you can contact about your new build. Try multiple search terms to see who shows up across a range of key terms you are looking for e.g. custom home builder, luxury home builder, Newcastle builders etc

Some tips….

  • Take a good look around the prospective builders websites and get a feel for the type of projects they have completed, what services they provide and if you think it would be a fit for the vision you have for your new home
  • Do they have any reviews? Take a good look at testimonials on their website and across Google.

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Talk to friends & family

Most of the time we are more likely to choose a product or service provider over another if we have been recommended by a friend. If you have any friends or family that have recently built or renovated have a quick talk to them about their experience, who they used and some of the positives & negatives.

This can help when trying to find a builder, but it can also help when you are trying to decide who to choose & why.

If you don’t know anyone that has recently built, still ask around because it’s likely that your circle of friends and family know someone who has.

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Take a drive around the area

If you take a quick drive around your suburb or the area you live in you are bound to come across some building projects. Take a look at the signs, note the details down and take a quick sneak peek at the job being completed.

You may even be able to talk to a builder on-site or a supervisor to ask a few questions before taking the next step in your search.

Talk to industry associations

A good place to start is talking to your local Master Builders Association. You can tell them a bit about your new home build and they can recommend and match some high quality builders that will suit your needs.

This can be one of the best places to start to get a list of builders before you start your online search and research.

Hopefully these quick tips will give you a good place to start in your search for trying to find a custom home builder.

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