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Custom Build With Indie Living

The initial contact with Indie Living is uncovering what you are trying to achieve with your build. We ask you some key questions to understand the elements that are important to bring to life. Depending on whether it is a new build, knockdown rebuild or renovation the initial process of understanding your goals is an important step. You have the choice of bringing your design or we can assist you in finding an expert that meets your design goals and needs.

Development Approvals
We like to take the pressures of working with the local council and private certifiers from you and work with them directly to make the entire development approval process seamless, saving you frustration and time.

Energy Efficiency & Management
Indie Living understand that products we use in homes these days have an immediate effect on our surrounding environment. As a result of this, we can offer you more ‘green’ ways of living. Whether it be the ratings on your appliances, the way your house faces to benefit more from summer shading/winter protection, to installing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, we can achieve your desire to decrease your carbon footprint, while building a unique custom home.

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Benefits of working with a custom home builder
Indie Living will work closely with you to align your taste and style with the latest building trends on offer. We partner with suppliers who understand current trends and styles and the level of quality expected when working with a Custom Builder. We focus on the end result to deliver a quality, sustainable home for you to enjoy for years to come.

Indie Living understand that as a build progresses the creativity starts to flow and this can, at times, result in you wanting to include additional items that will provide you with the finish or inclusions that make your new home or renovation complete. We can work with you to provide the flexibility, where practical, to achieve those outcomes. With a fixed priced contract, we allow you the flexibility to increase your budget and make those changes as the build progresses.

Indie Living understands that building a custom home or undertaking a large renovation is a huge commitment both financially as well as getting it done while workng and living life. We work closely with you to ensure that there is a high level of transparency throughout the build. There are no hidden surprises just a common goal.

Quality & Choice

Your custom home is a click away!

Building, Buying & Renovating Tips

6 Steps To your Custom Home

Everything you need to know about building a custom home. Packed full of helpful tips this is the first place to start when trying to decide on what steps to take when building your custom home.

We run through the entire custom home building process in detail. From concept all the way though to the build and handover.

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