5 Steps For Finding The Perfect Location For Your New Home

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5 Steps For Finding The Perfect Location For Your New Home

It’s a cliche, but you’re about to hear it again: location, location, location.

If you’ve just decided to build a new home, congratulations – the benefits are endless. The financial savings can be considerable, you don’t need to move in and start renovating, you can put the bathroom where you really want it, you get to breathe in that unforgettable new house smell… and the list goes on.

But before you get there, you need some land to build your dream home on. And your land has to be located somewhere, which is easier said than done.

If you already love where you live, your deliberations are going to be much easier. But if you want a change or you’re moving far away for a different reason, choosing a new location can be difficult.

That’s why we want to help:

1. Match your budget

It goes without saying that your choices are going to be narrowed by how much you can afford to spend. The more you have to play with, the greater your options are going to be. But another important consideration is that your dream home may also need to be an investment, so make sure it’s a growth area that will pay you back in the future.

2. Match your lifestyle

The next important consideration is to match your location to your lifestyle. If you love the hustle and bustle, centre your search close to the city, and if you want the country life, that’s where you need to be looking. But if you have a family, you’ll want some nearby shops or a local park. If you love staying in touch with extended family, you’ll need to factor that in, and if community is important to you then look for nearby sports teams, clubs and the like.

3. Expand your search

If you find somewhere great, don’t be too disheartened if you can’t immediately find some affordable land. It could be that nearby suburbs or areas are just as good, or perhaps there is somewhere completely different but that offers all of the same benefits, so in this case ask real estate agents.

4. Infrastructure

Local infrastructure is another factor that many people underestimate the importance of. Superficially, an area can seem great – but if something like local public transport, local road systems and local employment opportunities, to name just a few, are not up to scratch, that’s a real downside for practical, lifestyle and investment reasons.

5. The actual land

Finally, once you’ve found exactly where you want to be, hone in on the actual block of land you’ll be building on. Make sure it matches the type of home you want – we’re talking about the land size, the orientation of the frontage and whether excessive sloping will require a lot of cutting and filling. Then, all the little details become important: soil type, easements and restrictions, connection to utilities, access roads, and dozens of others.

To summarise, while building a new dream home is a great adventure, it’s important to do it right – starting with the perfect location just for you. So good luck, enjoy the ride, and don’t be shy to get in touch if you need some extra help and tips!