What is a custom home builder?

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What is a custom home builder?

Choosing a builder for your new home is a big decision. In fact, sometimes it can be one of the biggest decisions in your life. Your new home is typically your biggest investment and is the thing that is going to bring your family together to create lifetime memories.

Deciding on the builder you want to engage for your project can take time. It’s a process that shouldn’t come down to just price, but relationship and the potential benefits of using one builder over another.

The most common comparison that occurs is project home builders v custom home builders. There is no one right fit for everyone. Some people suit project homes, while others have needs that are more suited to custom home builders.

So, what is a custom home builder?

Like the name suggests, building a home that is suited to your site, needs, lifestyle requirements and budget is the job of a custom home builder. They typically work in collaboration with you as the client from the design and planning stage all the way to the build and final handover.

What type of things do you get when you use a custom home builder?

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Ongoing contact with the builder from start to finish

Given you are building a custom home that is unique to you, there is normally a high level of collaboration with the builder.

Being involved in decisions that impact your site, taking advantage of positive or negatives associated with your land and helping you select things that will maximise your budget is critical when building a custom home.

Building a personal relationship with the builder is important and usually necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

It normally costs more

A custom home will normally cost more than a project home. Project home builders have cost buying advantages due to the volume and scale of jobs they complete. This can give them purchasing power and the ability to do things at lower costs.

It is important to document and compare inclusions and finishes when comparing a project home to a custom built home. Having a budget and working collaboratively with a custom home builder, can help you get a unique home that suits your family & land, at a price that works.

Project home builders are typically locked into set homes designs you have to choose from with different packages for the finishes in your home.

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Control over the design

A custom home builder can give you more control over how you want your home to look and feel. The options are endless and are only limited by the overall project budget you have.

A distinct advantage of using a custom home builder is that they can match a design to the way you want to live and how your home will sit on your block of land.

Taking advantage of a wind direction or how the sun sets and rises gives you the opportunity to maximise how your home functions all year round.

Delivery & timeframes

Due to a lower volume of homes being built a custom home builder will usually be able to give you clear timelines for delivery all the way through from creating a concept design, construction drawings, engineering to quoting and then the construction & handover.

Being involved from day one with the builder gives you peace of mind knowing they understand you, what you want from your new home and the timeframe for delivery.

Before you decide on a builder for your next project, talk to an expert to see if a custom home is the right fit for you.

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