How To Choose A Builder?

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How To Choose A Builder?

Building a new home is one of life’s biggest investments. It’s not just money. The investment of time, energy and resources for an extended period of time is a big undertaking. Finding the right builder is a huge part of making the process as simple and seamless as possible.

Most people know someone or have heard a few horror stories when it comes to timelines, delivery and trades in general. Choosing the right builder is easy, if you follow some of these simple tips.

Get to know the person running the company

It’s often overlooked when selecting a builder. People sometimes get drawn to well known brands or established names. Finding a builder you can build a genuine working relationship with can help create trust throughout the entire new home build.

Building a home can take 7-12 months, so you need to be comfortable from start to finish that you are doing it with the right person & business.

Take a look at past projects

Past projects completed can give you an idea of the level of work completed by the builder and what type of standard you should expect. Try and get a gauge on past projects in terms of obstacles, how they were overcome and the process that took place from design to construction to handover.

If you are able to view a display home or take a walkthrough in an existing home, that’s even better.

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Ask for some testimonials

Reviewing and understanding how other clients have found the interaction with the builder and the company is great insight when you are building a new home. Hearing from people who have experienced exactly what you are about to with your new home is invaluable information.

Most reputable builders should be able to produce client reviews on projects they have completed.

Making the right comparisons

It’s important to compare the right type of builders, options, finishes and packages. If you are looking for a standard home with minimal customisations you may find a project home builder as a suitable solution.

If you are looking for a unique design and something customised to your land, needs & budget then a custom home builder may be a better option. It’s important that you compare different custom home builders to each other and different project home builders to each other.

Getting what you want, while taking into account what it costs to achieve gives you the flexibility to tailor your home to suit both.

Price, value & outcome

Budget and cost is important when it comes to building your new home. Having a budget to work with from the initial concept design all the way through to construction will help you achieve the best outcome possible.

It’s important to compare and choose the right builder on a range of factors, not just price. You may have a range of comparable quotes, but getting to know the building company, the results they have achieved for clients & their process will ultimately help you choose the right builder.

Similar projects

Another good way to find the right building company is to find out if they have done any projects similar to your new home. This might cover things like the size of the home, materials used or the quality of the finishes.

Things like building on sloping blocks or building on blocks with limited access issues are things your builder will need to be aware of. If they have previous experience working in specific circumstances it’s good to get some details on what they did and how it was handled.

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Learning more about the trades they use

A builder has to coordinate multiple trades to complete a new home build successfully. Knowing a bit about the different trades they use and why they use them can give you some confidence around the expectations around delivery and quality.

Do your research

Choosing the right builder isn’t an easy task. Taking into account all the factors above it’s important that you do your own research to understand the fit between you, your project and the builder you want to use.

Referrals from friends or family can also help if they have a great experience with a builder. Good luck with your search looking for the right builder for your new home.

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