Knock down rebuild process

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Knock down rebuild process

You’ve got a location you love. You’ve got a vision for what you want. Where do you start? Approaching your knock down and rebuild with a structured approach will help you save cost & time. It will also help you get the dream home you’ve been searching for. In this article we summarise the basic knock down rebuild process and some things you should think about along the way.

Suitability & Fit

Before you start down the path of a knock down rebuild you should always compare your options. The viability really depends on your individual goals and the resources you have available.

While a renovation may be a great choice in some circumstances, you may find a knock down rebuild is better in others.

This will vary from person to person and it’s always good to lean on an expert early to determine feasibility, project cost and what options you have.

Investigating Local Council Regulations & Planning Restrictions

Initially before you undertake a knock down rebuild project you should investigate what you can and can’t do in your area.

Local council laws will dictate what is possible and what isn’t. In cases there can be things such as planning overlays or heritage overlays.

These can affect the design considerably so it’s best to do your research prior to starting the design (even though that is an exciting part you usually want to get started straight away).

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Engaging A Builder Early

If you are able to engage a builder early it can streamline your knock down and rebuild process.

A licensed builder will know exactly what you need to do and in what steps to avoid lengthy delays and costs you can avoid. Undertaking site inspections and completing the planning process can ensure your project keeps moving forward.

Having A Budget

Before you start your project you should have an idea of budget and what you want to achieve with your knock down and rebuild.

Working with the builder early can help you work through collaboratively what you want to achieve and how you can do it within a set budget.

In a recent article we discussed the costs of a knock down rebuild. Knowing your budget and working through your vision will ultimately give you the best outcomes.

Home Design

Home design is critical to getting a home you love and that suits your lifestyle. This is the primary reason for a knock down rebuild.

Doing research of home designs you like and what may suit your block is a good first step. Building a vision board or a board on pinterest of different home designs can help you create a combination of elements you might like to create your new home.

Again engaging the builder and working in conjunction with them on a custom design that is matched to your block, budget and lifestyle can give you the home you want. A common mistake is having someone design your new home prior to talking to builders.

This may result in a design that is outside your budget & sometimes result in design changes.

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Once you are ready to commence your knock down rebuild, the quote has been completed and your design is finalised you typically enter the contract stage. This marks the start of your vision and dream home becoming a reality.

Ensure that any builder you engage is using an industry compliant contract.

This ensures you are covered for any risks or responsibilities of home building and compliance with specific laws and regulations.


The demolition phase of the project involves removing your existing home from your block of land.

The demolition phase can sometimes take only a few days, however this will vary depending on the size of your existing house.

Costs can also vary at this stage depending on the demolition requirements.

You have to be mindful at this stage that a permit is required to demolish your existing house and all services have to be disconnected & removed.


Once the existing house has been demolished, typically a site survey, soil test and re-establishment survey will be completed as the first step.

The construction steps for your new home will then commence with milestones attached to progress payments until delivery and handover of your new home.


Once the construction is completed and a certificate of occupancy is issued the handover process starts, which allows the handover of keys to happen and for you to move into your brand new home.

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