The custom home building process

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The custom home building process

Building a new home is a big undertaking. From planning through to the construction process there is a lot to do and a lot of things to think about. When you build a custom home there are a few steps we recommend to make it as simple and seamless as possible. Obviously step 1 is securing your land and assuming you’ve already done this it is then time to start thinking about your new home.

Step 1 – Knowing what you want

It’s hard straight away to know exactly what you want. Being able to generate good ideas at this stage usually requires a bit of collaboration. You may get inspiration from friends, home designs you like and by searching through different floor plans. Once you have a basic vision of what you want to achieve you can start to generate more ideas.

It is worthwhile thinking critically about your site and the aspects of it you want to enhance or explore. There may be negatives that you want to minimise with the build or you may want to maximise an aspect, view or sun location.

All of these things are important to take into account when designing and building your new home & can sometimes be overlooked.

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Step 2 – Getting a concept design

The concept design is where it starts to get exciting. You start to see some of your ideas come to life and this is where you can work in conjunction with a designer and builder on things like your floor plan, style and materials, the overall design, functionality of the house, relationships between spaces & important elements you want to incorporate.

Having an idea of your budget at this stage will allow a concept to be created that matches what you can afford, while trying to maintain your overall vision for your dream home.

Step 3 – More detail with construction drawings

Once you have a concept design locked in and you’re happy with the flow and functionality of your home, it’s then time to start to get into more detail. Working with the builder and designer during the concept stage allows you to give feedback and make changes early.

Once you are happy with the concept, the construction drawings allow builders to accurately quote and tender on the build.

When construction drawings are completed you get floor plans, elevations with dimensions, window schedules, door schedules, floor coverings, external finishes, driveways and schedules for items required in the home.

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Step 4 – Quote for the construction

Once the construction drawings & engineering are completed a builder will now be able to accurately estimate and quote your project.

Typically, this is a lengthy process and a draft quote or tender should contain things that are included and things that are excluded during construction.

Being able to work with the builder collaboratively through the first 4 steps gives you the opportunity to build the house you want within a budget that suits.

Step 5 – Lodgements

After you have a quote for the build of your new custom home it is time to lodge the necessary approvals to council.

A custom home builder will be able to manage this process for you to eliminate any potential errors and cover off any requirements for approval to be issued.

A range of reports and requirements will be needed at this stage including floor plans & elevations, structural engineering plans, BASIX, statement of environmental effects, waste management plan, bushfire report, geotech report, acoustic report, thermal performance assessments & more.

Step 6 – Getting started

At this stage you should be in a position to enter into a formal contract with a builder & it officially marks the start of your vision becoming a reality. Once the development application is approved a construction certificate will need to be issued.

It will cover key details that must be followed during the build of your new home. Construction can now commence with the builder following a schedule of works with progress payments released at specific milestones.

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