Tips When Building A House

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Tips When Building A House

Are you building a new house? Building a new home isn’t a simple and easy process. It’s takes an investment of time, resources & money to get the outcome you desire for yourself and your family. It can be difficult to navigate the amount of information and what you need to know to make the home building process as seamless as possible.

In this article we focus on some simple tips to help you when building your house. We cover things like the design process, choosing the right builder, knowing what you want, budgets and the construction process. Let’s get started…

The design process & your budget

A lot of people are now looking at custom homes as they want to personalise what they are building to match their needs, lifestyle and budget.

One of the best places to start is to search through different floor plan ideas, facades and overall home designs to get an idea of things you like and don’t like. Combining all these ideas into a vision and a concept design is typically where you would engage a building designer or architect.

At this early stage it is a good idea to engage with potential builders and look at talking to those who incorporate design as part of their service. A common mistake people make is engaging a designer or architect with a grand vision and no real clear idea on the budget they have for construction.

Once they have plans and the dream home many people start to realise that the ballpark estimates or quotes to build their new home aren’t aligned to what has been designed and they are stuck in a situation where they may need to amend or do a total redesign costing you both time & money.

Working collaboratively with a custom home builder early and establishing a budget can help you achieve the desired outcome you want.

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Choosing a builder

We have a detailed article on how to choose the right builder. There are a number of factors that come into play and it’s very important you take into consideration a range of things, not just price when selecting a builder to create your dream home.

Some questions you can ask or things you can find out include:

  • Past projects to see if they fit with your style & expectations
  • Customer testimonials
  • Current jobs underway
  • A background on the team & their experience

Having an idea of what you want from your new home

Having a basic idea of what you want to achieve with your new home will ultimately tie in with the home you design, your budget and what type of builder you choose to go with. If you are building an investment you may have lower quality finishes and a more simple floor plan.

If you are building your dream home you may be looking for higher quality finishes and a more customised home that matches the block and your lifestyle. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve will help the experts create something that meets your vision.

At this early stage you will also then know if you are looking to engage and compare project home builders or custom home builders.

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The construction process

While your home is being built, you will be required to get involved with the builder to make decisions and monitor the status of your project. Being able to develop a good relationship with the builder can assist with a smooth project from start to finish.

Meeting the people who will be working with you on your home everyday from the team in the office to the site supervisor can give you an insight into how communication will work and how the job will flow. Remember, building a home can take 7-10 months, so it is a long investment of time and you need to ensure you are happy with the building team you engage and the relationship you can build with them over that time.

We are sure these expert tips will help when it comes to building your new home. Got a question or need help with your custom home? Contact us today!

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