Tips for building a new home in Nelson Bay

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Tips for building a new home in Nelson Bay

Nelson Bay is quickly become a tourist hot spot destination due to it’s close proximity to Sydney and Newcastle. It also provides a laid back holiday with loads of activities for kids, couples & older generations. A rise in tourist activity in the region has resulted in ongoing demand for new homes. A particular rise in investment properties and holiday houses has driven growth in the region. In this article we discuss building a new home in Nelson Bay, how you can make the process as smooth as possible and some tips that might help you during your new home design and construction.


The first step in building your new home is understanding what is and what isn’t possible on your block of land. Talking to a builder or home designer early will help you identify some of the planning restrictions that exist. You can also talk to the council, browse through the development planning strategies or look at things like the development control plan and local environmental plan. Doing this in conjunction with an S149 certificate will give a clear indication of what restrictions exist where you want to build your new home.

Home design

Once you have a good handle on the local planning restrictions and anything in particular that is significant for your block of land you can start to investigate the process of designing your brand new home. One of the most common aspects of homes or investment homes across Nelson Bay is the access to water views or even waterfront access. During the home design process a builder or designer can take the positive or negative aspects of your block into account when designing your home. This can include things like maximising the aspect or view of the home, the shade and sun over the block and house or the wind.

Engaging the builder early during the process can help you design a home that sits within a pre-determined budget or scope you want to work within.


The excitement starts to kick in as you commence on the build of your new home. The location will have little impact at this stage. It is important that during the design process and leading into construction you think about the use of the home. With Nelson Bay being a popular destination for tourists are you able to turn your home into a holiday home or investment during peak periods. Collaboration during the design phase can help you achieve the desired outcomes when you finally start building.

During construction it’s a good idea to take the time to keep your neighbours informed of what you’re doing and the length of time the build is expected to take. This can ensure that the build is seamless and disruption is avoided.

What type of home suits?

Nelson Bay has lots of different styles with modern luxury popular around the water and where there is direct access to the waterfront. It’s always important to take into account any restrictions during the design phase and to incorporate your individual style into your home. One of the best places to start is to browse through our range of home designs and start to put together ideas around floor plans you like & facades that might be in line with your style.

Building in Nelson Bay

Building a new home is an exciting and challenging process. Building your dream home in the Port Stephens and Nelson Bay area is possible with an expert team that can understand the location, your lifestyle requirements and budget. Talk to Indie Living today to find out how we can help.