What is a luxury home builder?

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What is a luxury home builder?

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting and challenging process. If you’re looking for a high end, luxury finish to your home then it’s likely you will want to engage a custom home builder. There is no real difference between a custom home builder and a luxury home builder. The level & types of finishes to your home is endless and is primarily determined by what budget you have available. In this article we give you some advice around what a luxury home builder is and how you can finish your dream home to a luxury standard.

What is a luxury home builder?

Typically a luxury home builder specialises in building unique, custom & high end homes. There are a lot of builders that use select pre-designed homes for clients to choose from, while a custom builder enables you the freedom to explore different design options to suit your lifestyle and budget. Designing and building should go hand in hand when it comes to luxury or custom homes. A luxury home builder will normally have building designers or architects to refer you to or they may even have a home designer in-house. Building a luxury home starts early during the planning and design stage.

What is considered luxury?

Every persons idea of luxury will vary just like individual tastes and preferences. Normally a luxury home could be categorised by high end finishes including things such as PC items, tiles and flooring as an example. The size, design and overall functionality of your home can also have a luxury feel to it. Luxury doesn’t always mean that bigger is better. You should expect that a luxury finish to your home or a luxury size build will mean more cost and will ultimately be more expensive. A quality custom home builder should be able to accommodate luxury for different tastes and different budgets. It all comes down to your definition of luxury and what your budget is to build your home.

What should I look for when engaging with a luxury home builder?

You should look for similar things when you engage any type of builder. It becomes critically important when you are designing and building a high end home to find the right builder…

– Testimonials from recent projects they have worked on. It’s important that you get current and up to date reviews on builds completed.
– A list of projects completed so you can get an idea of the level of workmanship and the quality of finishes
– Some information on their team and subcontractors
– References from suppliers and subcontractors

Why build a luxury, custom home?

A custom home allows you to design and build something that is unique and tailored to how you want to live. If you’re building your forever home you may want to go the extra mile for high end luxury finishes. It’s important that you discuss with a builder at the early planning and design stages your budget so you can incorporate all the things you want in your new home.