Tips for building a new home in Newcastle

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Tips for building a new home in Newcastle

Are you building a new home in Newcastle? If you’re thinking about a custom home then these tips will help you get started when it comes to planning, design and construction. No matter where you’re building, it’s always a challenging experience. From obtaining your block of land, to understanding planning restrictions, designing a home to suit your block and finally going through the construction process. The goal of this article is to give you some inside knowledge on how you can make the process as smooth as possible.

Locations to build in Newcastle

There are a wide range of locations across Newcastle to build. Inner city locations and sought after locations are more expensive. If your budget allows it you could look at opportunities to knock down and rebuild. This allows you to find a location you love and build the home of your dreams. There are more affordable locations and even vacant land available as you get closer to Lake Macquarie. It’s important at this stage to do research around your budget and learn more about the potential cost to build your new home. This will factor into your allowable budget you have to buy in a desired location.

Designing your new home

After you’ve acquired your new block of land or if you’ve demolished an existing house in preparation for a new build, the next step is to commence the design phase. At this stage being able to collaborate with a builder is helpful as you can work towards an agreeable budget. Taking into account functionality, aesthetics and your block of land are key to maximising what you can get out of your home at an appropriate cost. Understanding aspect, weather and climate in different locations across Newcastle will help you match an appropriate design to ensure you get the most out of your home all year round.

Development approval

Getting development approval for your new home is the next step after you’ve completed your construction drawings & engineering. Understanding local council requirements is useful at this stage and you can also engage a private certifier to ensure the application process is as seamless as possible. You may be able to utilise the option of a complying development, which will reduce the amount of time from submission to approval. Talk to your builder and also engage with a private certifier early as they will be able to guide you through the paperwork and application process.

The construction of your new home

The next step is finding the right Newcastle builder for your project. If you’ve been able to collaborate with a builder early during the design stage you’ll find a seamless process from design, approval, right through to construction. At this stage inviting tenders for your project or comparable quotes is always a good idea to get a gauge on other prices in the market. It’s always important to understand that the relationship and value your builder can add is always important as well. It is a big commitment to build a new house and requires constant collaboration and effective communication with the builder.

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