Tips for building a new home in Lake Macquarie

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Tips for building a new home in Lake Macquarie

Are you building a new home in Lake Macquarie. From suburban locations to beautiful lakeside waterfronts there are loads of opportunities to build your dream home. In this article we discuss some tips for building a new home in Lake Macquarie. Getting the right advice and talking to the right designer & builder from the outset will give you the chance to create the home you’ve been dreaming of. What should you know when building in Lake Macquarie?

Stick to the right budget & don’t overcapitalise

Budget is always critical when it comes to building a new home. It’s hard not to get carried away and design your dream home with every single aspect and feature imaginable. Remember, the bigger your home the more it will cost. When building in Lake Macquarie it’s important that you don’t overcapitalise on your new home build or renovation. Do some research around your suburb and street on average house prices & property values. Even though you might be building your dream home with the view you want to stay there forever, sometimes circumstances change. You want your home to be able to generate you a return if you ever need to sell. Balancing budget and design starts early by talking to your builder or designer while you are creating the plans and developing the concept for your new home.

Take weather conditions & aspect into account

Lake Macquarie covers a huge amount of locations. If you’re buying & building, renovating or knocking down and rebuilding it’s important that you do some research around weather, aspect and how your new home can take advantage. It may include things like:

  • The aspect of your home and what direction it will face
  • Where you will situate your bedrooms and living areas
  • How your home will be affected by sunlight and heat both positively and negatively
  • How you can maximise any views or reduce any negative views

The important factors that will impact your new home design & build will depend entirely on where you live or intend to live in Lake Macquarie. Take the time to understand your block of land and how you can best maximise it to get a home that you will want to be in all year round.

The cost of land and the best places to build

The cost of land will always affect your ability to build the home you want. If you already live in a location you love, a knock down rebuild may be an alternative. In addition you may want to look at a renovation by extending the footprint of your current home. The closer you get to lake side locations the more expensive the land will be. While there are cheaper options over the other side of the lake the cost of land is always restrictive no matter where you want to build in Lake Macquarie. If you want to be central to both Newcastle & Lake Macquarie great options include:

  • Charlestown
  • Warners Bay
  • Speers Point
  • Eleebana
  • Valentine
  • Whitebridge
  • Dudley
  • Redhead

Lake Macquarie is a great location and suits families, couples and singles. If you’re looking to design, build, renovate, extend or knock down and rebuild talk to us at Indie Living today.