What is a boutique builder?

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What is a boutique builder?

If you’re thinking about building a new home there a variety of factors that will dictate the type of builder you choose. Building the home of your dreams is a big undertaking and finding a builder is only the first step in a long process. One of the most important driving factors that will help you decide what builder is right for your project is budget. If you want a high end finish and a custom build designed to your exact needs then you may be looking for a boutique or custom home builder.

So what is a boutique builder? It’s a builder that builds a home designed to your lifestyle, needs & budget. Taking into account a variety of factors including how you want your home to flow, function and match the way you live. A boutique builder normally works with only a select number of clients at any given time, which means that the service is dedicated and more personalised than a high volume builder.

So what kind of things does a custom home builder/boutique builder specialise in…

Custom House Designs

A volume house builder will normally have a range of floor plans, facades and home designs for you to choose from and suit to your block. When you engage a custom home builder they will start by taking your individual ideas and design a home matched to your block, lifestyle needs and budget. With ultimately flexibility comes the opportunity to finish the house in a way that you want or to design something exactly how you want it to function. This is where budget becomes really important as you can easily overcapitalise or spend more on your new home than you want to. Working with the builder and designer can help you design a home that you can afford to build.

Personalised Service & Communication With The Builder

When you build a custom home there will likely be a lot of decisions to be made throughout the entire process. Once you start building having direct access to the builder in control of your project can make the decision making process easier and give you more confidence throughout the project. Being able to meet the builder on site, make decisions and be actively involved in your home during construction can make building your new home a breeze. You will experience a higher level of personalised service working directly with a custom home builder.

Unique Designs & Locations

If you have some needs and requirements in your new home that are a bit outside of the box a custom home builder is the person to talk to. Not only can they give you advice around the cost of doing certain things, they are also able to give you advice about functionality and how your home will flow. Talking to a custom home builder and designer can spark new ideas and creative advice for your new home that you potentially won’t uncover by yourself.

If you have a unique location with building challenges a custom home builder may be a logical choice to overcome issues with the site or they can design something that matches the block.

Choosing a boutique builder for your custom home is a great choice for a variety of reasons. Hopefully this article has helped you understand more about what a boutique builder is.