Tips for building a new home in Merewether


Tips for building a new home in Merewether

A life goal for many people is to own and live in a beautiful home close to the ocean. It is also the reason that prime real estate in ocean locations are in high demand, which in turn drives the prices up.

When deciding to build in close proximity to the ocean with its crashing waves and cooling breezes it is imperative that you take into consideration the need to use sustainable materials that will withstand the salty, corrosive effects of seaside living. 

It stands to reason that those sustainable products may add to the cost of any new home build. Working closely with the right builder who has the knowledge and experience of seaside building is important to provide you with advice based on experience.

Most people living in locations close to the ocean like Merewether enjoy lifestyles that are busy and active. Spending too much free time maintaining your property could impact your leisure time. Your builder should have an understanding of how to maximise the build and lessen that impact by using the right products and advice on design features.

The right builder will work closely with all professionals to ensure the materials used in your new home provide the best possible value for money and complement the quality and durability of the finish.

There are many established homes in Merewether going as far back as 1885 when it was first developed as a municipality of Newcastle. Today it has grown to over 11,000 residents who over time have created an eclectic, modern suburb providing locals and visitors a dynamic lifestyle.

Many homes over the years have been upgraded as Merewether has grown in popularity with business people, families, singles in fact anyone who enjoys the laid back lifestyle of being close to the coastline.

Building in Merewether has to take into account all the elements of building with sustainable materials while ensuring the house is interacting with the environment in a positive way. 

When considering building a new home in Merewether you need a builder who understands the specific needs of building in an area close to the coastline and will work closely with you to achieve the right balance of lifestyle and environment.

Some quick tips to consider include:


Living in a seaside suburb and rust go hand in hand. Using the right products and treatments means your home will withstand the corrosive effects of salt over the long term.

One example would be balustrades, railing and pool fences that can easily withstand the corrosive effects by using  marine grade stainless steel fixings and fittings. 

Salt Spray

It is the salt spray that smells wonderful and gives us that sense of well being, it also leaves a residue on your windows & doors. Your builder will work closely with you to ensure your window and door choices complement your location.

Water Protection

Sometimes a view comes at a cost and being close to the coast means you are more susceptible to storms and wild weather. It is important to include those considerations into the design of your new home. The right builder will work closely with all the professionals involved in the design and completion of your new home.

Your builder should be able to help you through the process of choosing the right materials and fittings for your new home that are pleasing to the eye but also work with the environment so you can take advantage of your surroundings.

Building at Merewether with the right builder who understands seaside living means you will have a beautiful home that is in sync with the environment and seasons and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.