Knock Down Rebuild: Where to start

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Knock Down Rebuild: Where to start

Once the idea to stay in your community and knockdown your existing home is your way forward, the first thing you need to do is contact your local council and ensure there are no barriers to doing a knockdown rebuild. 

Living in a heritage zoned area could be one of those barriers it is wise to know up front before you get too excited.

Talk to Council

There is no question that once you have confirmed with Council that you can knockdown and rebuild your home the stress levels may start to rise. You have to engage the right builder, find somewhere to live, make arrangements for your possessions – it can be a long “to do” list.

Engage the right Builder

Engaging the right builder means you have the confidence that everything will go smoothly, no hidden surprises. It is known that knockdown rebuild can be a more cost effective alternative to major renovation projects because you are starting with a clean slate – no unknowns lurking in the walls or floors that may result in hidden costs.

You need a builder who understands the process, a builder who works with experienced professionals and does all the heavy lifting from start to finish. You want the confidence that the builder you engage is a knockdown rebuild expert and has the right professionals working with the team on your project.

The right builder will also ensure that you understand the process and what to expect in each step. This means your expectations are met, or exceeded and avoids disappointment at any stage of the rebuild. You may have a timeline either renting or living with family – meeting that timeline is important. 

The right builder understands that the quality of your new build as well as your budget and timeline are important factors when keeping that stress in control.

Once you have signed the contract and paid the deposit, your builder will immediately get to work. It is a well staged process that ensures your old home is knocked down and your rebuild commences.

Demolish your old home

Demolition approval is required, this approval will outline what is being demolished and what services need to be disconnected. 

A builder with knockdown rebuild experience will have an experienced demolition team that will safely and efficiently demolish your old home taking into account any asbestos or hazardous materials. It is important that the builder you engage understands all the regulatory requirements.

Removing all material from your property will be included in any quote provided by the builder.

Your Rebuild commences

Once the site has been cleared there may be excavation that needs to be completed prior to commencement of your rebuild. 

A rebuild is a staged process that your builder will discuss with you in detail. It will also be itemised in your quote with no hidden surprises. You will have flexibility and transparency with the right builder.

Asking questions and gaining clarification on each step of the process means you will be prepared to say goodbye to your old home and let you get excited about your new one.

Move back home

Staying in the community you enjoy, keeping the kids in the same schools and living in a brand new home can be done easily and efficiently by engaging the right builder. Your old knock down will be a distant memory when you move back into your rebuild.