Home Renovation – 4 must do’s

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Home Renovation – 4 must do’s

You have done your research, double checked the numbers and sought the right advice. You have decided that instead of packing up and moving you will stay and renovate to give you and your family the home and lifestyle you deserve. Alternatively, you have compromised on the house and bought in the most sought after area with the idea to renovate.

There are usually multiple decisions behind that final decision to renovate but the major one is that you can have the home of your dreams without leaving all the things that make you happy. For some that might be friends, your home might be close to the beach and recreation areas or you just love the community you live in and want to stay put or you may just want to live in that particular area.

Regardless of the reason some of the common denominators for your decision remain the same.

You want to increase the value of your property
Today’s property market is an area of interest for most homeowners due in part to the high number of Australians who are now millionaires – that count has soared over 85% during the past 10 years, in part due to rising property prices.

Consumers have become increasingly savvy when it comes to their investments, one of the largest being the family home or an investment property to increase your portfolio.

So why not join that millionaire list, or at least start the journey by using the value and equity of your home to improve that value.

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie has enjoyed steady growth in the property market for many years now and for some people the time is right to leverage that value with a carefully thought through home renovation.

Find a renovation expert – a builder who has proven experience
Once you have committed to the process of renovation and what is involved, your finances are sorted and you may even already have your plans drawn up – it is time to find the right builder.

There are so many builders Newcastle / Lake Macquarie area competing for your business. It is important when it comes to making that big decision that you have an experienced builder who understands the impact of a renovation on your life and lifestyle. You want to engage a builder who provides you with all in the information you need to make an informed decision.

Knowing what questions to ask and having a well thought plan from the beginning is helpful when choosing the right renovation builder. An experienced renovation builder will have the answers along with the ability to simplify the process and navigate the regulatory requirements of any work undertaken on your home.

Communication is so important when undertaking a renovation, if you feel comfortable that your builder is open and transparent about the process you are guaranteed of a renovation journey that you will enjoy and feel confident about.

Understand the area you live in and any restrictions
Some areas of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are covered by covenants or restrictions that need to be considered during the planning. You can do the research or consult with the Council yourself. Alternatively you can start your journey with the right builder who can guide you through the process including valuable input into the early stages of plan development.

Whichever course of action suits your style best is the best course of action. The right renovation builder will work with you.

Renovating your home gives you the opportunity to tap into your own unique style and taste and take into account how your life may change over the coming years. It could be the addition of children, young adult children moving on to create their own life. Whatever the reason, it is a great time to make your home unique and your own for now and tomorrow.

Enjoy the renovation journey
One of the most important reasons for choosing the right renovation builder is to ensure that you enjoy the journey of renovating your home. Of course, there are going to be moments during the renovation that you may feel uncomfortable and wish life was back to normal more quickly. If you work closely with your builder not only will the journey be more enjoyable but you will come out of the renovation with a lot of knowledge about building and the process that you may not have had before you started.

With an experienced builder by your side all the details will be managed in a timely manner, your budget will be top consideration and communication will ensure the process is smooth. You will be able to plan what your new life is going to be with a beautiful renovation full of your own ideas and inspiration.