Renovate with confidence – all you need to know

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Renovate with confidence – all you need to know

The total renovation expenditure in Australia for 2019 was worth billions of dollars with no signs of our passion for renovation slowing down in 2020 despite world events.

You only have to visit a hardware store on the weekend to see where people are spending their disposable income – on their home improvements.

When it comes to a home renovation it is a bit more complicated than a quick visit to the local hardware on Saturday morning.

Most people who embark on the renovation journey have spent many hours doing their research, organising their finance, gaining insight into the local legislation and requirements for renovating their home and most importantly speaking to others and reviewing local building companies to find the right builder.

To have the confidence to move forward there are some key things to consider when undertaking a renovation to your home.

How will it impact your day to day life?
Depending on the size of the renovation it is often necessary to consider moving out for the duration of the renovation. If that is not the case, how are you going to reorganise your life so that you can stay living on site with all the added activity?

Talking to an experienced builder about your particular circumstances will provide you with great insight into the important steps in the process of renovating your home, especially preparing yourself and your family for the disruption to your life. Or, in the case of buying a new property and embarking on a renovation understanding the potential timeline to occupying or leasing your newly renovated property.

When is the best time to find the right builder for my renovation?
This is a question that will have different answers depending on your personal style of getting things done. There is no right or wrong and both pathways have benefits.

One of the options is to engage a professional to develop the plans for the renovation. You may even submit the plans for approval prior to having discussions with a builder. This puts you in the position of being “build ready” when you decide on the builder to do your renovation.

The other option is find the right builder first through research, reading reviews or seeking the opinion of others who have renovated. The benefit of this approach is that your builder will be able to provide you with advice on the structural considerations for the renovation, or provide alternatives that may work more effectively and sometimes even save you money. This information can then be used during the development of your plans.

Whichever approach suits your personal style best will provide you with informed, accurate information that enables you to commence the process of getting your renovation underway.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a builder?
Renovation Experience: You want to know that the builder you choose has a good track record, the experience of doing quality renovations. It is important to do your research, ask people you know who have done a renovation. The builder you choose will be comfortable answering any questions you may have about your renovation and be able to provide you with guidance and support.

Open, Transparent Communication: Many renovations take place over a number of months. You want the communication between yourself and your builder to be open, transparent and easy. Your builder should instill in you a sense of confidence that your renovation is in good hands, and that they understand the importance of managing your budget during the renovation.

High Quality Work: You want your finished renovation to be functional and beautiful with quality finishes. The right renovation builder will ensure your renovation is seamless and integrated into the existing building to deliver you the highest quality finished home for you to enjoy.

Renovating either an existing home or a new purchase is an exciting journey and the opportunity to have the life and the home that you have planned and dreamed about. The right renovation builder will be important in achieving that result.