Renovate or knock down rebuild

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Renovate or knock down rebuild

It’s one of the most common questions people ask. Should I renovate or knock down rebuild? Again there isn’t really a one size fits all approach. Before anything it comes down to your personal goals, resources and what is going to deliver the vision you have for your home. There are a few factors that have resulted in more and more people going down the route of knock down rebuild.

The cost of renovating

The cost of renovating a house has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. In some cases it is more cost effective to knock down and rebuild then try to improve or renovate. Adding a bedroom here or a new living space there can result in costs spiralling out of control.

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Renovating Can Take Longer

The renovation process can sometimes take longer and can result in more problems during the build due to the fact that the builder has to work with the existing house.

This can result in untimely delays and problems that weren’t expected. With a knock down rebuild the process is usually quicker and the finish is better as you are building a brand new home.

More Options With Knock Down Rebuild

There are cases for knock down and rebuild in a variety of scenarios. It may be that you have a growing family and you need to accommodate more people. In this instance you need a house that can accommodate it. Alternatively, you may be looking to downsize after kids or family have left. If you love where you live, but can’t manage the size of the property many people look towards downsizing. Where moving isn’t a viable option, the next best thing is a knock down rebuild.

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Getting Exactly What You Want

With a renovation you usually have to compromise as you are working within the confines of the existing house.

While you are limited with a new home when you knock down and rebuild due to budget and the size of the land, you are able to overcome many of these challenges and get closely to exactly what you see as the vision for your dream home.

Sometimes renovating, might not be a long term solution, even though it will still cost you a significant amount of money.

Custom Design Your Home

People are now favouring knock down and rebuild over renovating as they have control over exactly how their home will function and how it will meet their lifestyle.

Being able to make decisions that affect the whole house and the whole block of land is a big reason for people to explore knock down rebuild. A custom designed home can help you achieve your vision within the confines of a set budget.

Loving Where You Live

Deciding between a renovation or knock down rebuild is because you love where you live. If you have the location you love and you are exploring the cost of renovating in comparison to knock down and rebuild it pays to take some time to talk to a licensed builder.

They can give you advice, guidance and a general direction on budget when exploring both options. With land become more sparingly available in highly sought after areas you may find that putting off that renovation you’ve been thinking of in favour of a knock down rebuild may be more cost effective and will deliver the home of your dreams.

If you understand a bit more about the knock down rebuild process and the cost you will have the right information to make a decision.

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