What is involved in building a custom designed home


What is involved in building a custom designed home

The world is made up of those of us who like to blend into the background and those of us who like to be different, and there many who are somewhere in between.

Building a custom designed home is definitely an exciting journey and will make your place on the street stand out from the rest. Working with a specialist custom design builder will ensure that the journey is not only exciting but will deliver you a high quality home built on time, and on budget.

Finding the right builder is key to your success. You want to find a builder who understands all the regulatory requirements but is also able to communicate well with you about the process from start to finish.

Your builder will be your partner in the process and be able to ensure that the quality of your new home is not compromised. From concept to completion you will be an active partner in all decisions as you watch your custom designed home come out of the ground, right through to being handed the keys to your dream home.

There are some important steps that make that process transparent and provide you with the confidence that you are making the right decisions along the way.

Step 1:

The builder meets with you on site. Depending on whether you already have plans or need concept plans your building partner will be able to guide you through the critical steps.

Step 2:

You do not have plans.  You will meet with a designer.  The custom design builder will have a design team for you to meet or you may have your own. The process of conceptual drawings is to give you the opportunity to tick off all your ideas and needs, these conceptual ideas will take shape as you work with the designer and builder. The goal is to have a custom designed home that makes the best use of your land, delivers your goals, is beautiful as well as being built on time and on budget.


Step 2:

You have your own plans. The builder will ask you to send him the plans for the meeting on your land. This is a great opportunity to start bringing your dream home to life. The right builder will be able to identify any potential problems and take you through the process to build. 

Step 2 is an important step in the process. Good communication with your builder makes the process of building your new custom designed home an enjoyable experience as the excitement builds with every step during the process.

Step 3:

Your builder will work on a comprehensive quote that takes into consideration every element of the build. There will be no hidden surprises with the right builder. The right builder will provide transparency in the quote itemising all the materials required to build your dream home. It is the builder’s goal to build your home within your budget and to a realistic timeline.

Step 4:

Your plans will be approved to commence building. You will approve the itemised quote and sign a building contract with the builder. A Building Certifier will be appointed.  All regulatory requirements will be commenced by the Builder, including Home Owners Warranty Insurance.

Step 5:

You will to pay a deposit to commence building. This is a regulated amount that is dependent on the overall cost of the build. There will be progress payments made as the build moves through each stage.

Step 6:

This is one of the most important and most exciting steps for many. You will have allowances for things like your kitchen, taps and fittings for bathrooms and kitchen, tiles, flooring to name a few things. This is when your creativity and personal style comes to life. Building a custom designed home means you get to choose where you shop and what you choose, you will have an allowance for these items. You have a choice to go above or below the allowance to match your personal needs and style.

These 6 steps are a  condensed version of what is involved to build your custom designed home, all the heavy lifting is done by the builder who communicates with you through the process.

Building a custom designed home is not a difficult process if you are working with the right builder and team. You have the flexibility and freedom to build a home that is specific to your tastes and your needs.

Being in control of your building your custom designed home is possible when you engage a builder who understands the regulatory processes and is willing to work with you to achieve your goals on time and on budget.