Tips for Knockdown Rebuild

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Tips for Knockdown Rebuild

The building landscape has changed in recent years with many people opting to knockdown their existing home and rebuilding. This has been largely driven by the age of some homes in Newcastle and surrounds as well as the need for more space in the homes we live in.

It is also driven by the fact that people are loving their community and see financial and lifestyle benefits.

On a square metre basis it can be much more expensive and difficult to do a large renovation due to the time consuming demolition and rectification work that usually needs to take place before building can begin. Knockdown rebuild timelines and budgets are easier to manage.

Tip 1 – Engage the right builder

Engaging a builder who is experienced in knock down rebuilds is the first big tip. You need a builder who can demonstrate experience in that area of construction. They will be able to provide you with all the information and insight you need to make an informed decision. You need to feel confident that you will be living in your new rebuild on time and on budget.

Tip 2 – Transparency

There is not as much unknown in a knockdown rebuild especially around budget and timelines. The reason is that older buildings tend to have unknown problems that do not become apparent until demolition commences. In a knockdown rebuild that is not a problem, as it is all going to be demolished but in a renovation it can result in budget blowouts and a longer time to occupancy of your home. 

Tip 3 – Buy the worst house in the best street

You have a dream of living in a certain location. Now you can.  Buy the worst house in the best location at a good price and knockdown rebuild to recoup your outlay and make capital gain. You can have that beautiful home in a beachside suburb of Newcastle with a bit of clever planning. Engaging a builder who not only has the experience but is willing to work closely with you to achieve your goals will have you living the dream in no time.

Tip 4 – Smooth Building Process

As land in established areas is at a minimum you can start with a clean slate by knocking down an existing house and rebuilding. Your timeline and budget are easy to manage and you can incorporate features that work with the environment to provide you with a home that makes the most of the location and size of your block of land.

Tip 5 – Talk with the professionals from the beginning

Working with the right team will ensure your knockdown rebuild goes smoothly. An experienced builder who will work with all the professionals involved in the process is a guarantee that your knockdown rebuild will deliver the results you want. The earlier you start talking to the right builder the better. The right builder will liaise with all the professionals involved to ensure your design will deliver the results you want.

If you are living in an existing home or just purchased the worst house on the best street, knockdown rebuild could provide you with the best value for your money and deliver you the best house on the best street. Follow the five simple tips to success.