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Let’s face it — building your own home can be stressful & challenging. Endless possibilities, ongoing rules & regulations and not to mention the investment of both time & money. Finding the right builder is critical to the success of your new home build. That’s where Indie Living can help, by simplifying & guiding you through the entire building process & turning the vision of your dream home into a reality… to build you a luxury home you can truly be proud of… on time, within your budget and something that is matched to how you & your family want to live.

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Why Build With Us?


We manage the entire process from creating a concept design, managing the applicable council lodgements, to construction drawings to the build.


Our process is entirely collaborative, meaning you have full input into your luxury home to get a design and home that is perfect for you.


We are Newcastle locals and support local suppliers and contractors to create your dream home.


We have a relatively small team, which means you get personalised service & a dedicated contact from your initial consultation all the way to completion.


We stand by the quality of all new home builds with a high level of attention to detail throughout the construction process.


All our homes are custom built, meaning we deliver a home that is matched to your needs, budget & lifestyle. You can even bring your own plans.

Your new home is in safe hands

The result? We can build you a high quality custom home that is matched to your lifestyle, and within an agreed project budget.

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Fully Licensed & Insured Builders

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We use only the best local suppliers & tradesmen

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Over 40 years combined building experience

If you can dream it, we can build it

From the facade, to how your house sits on the block, to the interior finishes, you’re only limited by your imagination (and budget). As a luxury home builder we can guide you through the best options for your new home to take advantage of the site and to maximise the features & spaces in your home.

What does it cost?

That depends on what you’re looking for. Number of rooms, spaces, finishes, bathrooms, materials and so much more play a huge part in your overall cost. Having an idea of your project budget early while we develop the concept design can help us work with you to build the home of your dreams at a budget that works.

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What is the process for a custom luxury built home?

Stage 1: Questionnaire & Consultation

This is where we find out what style of home you want & need. We take time getting to know you — your personality, style and more. We also take into account the site, positives, negatives & how to best maximise it. This helps us provide suggestions, and ensure you get a house that works in perfect harmony with you.

Stage 2: Concept Design

Once we know what you want from your luxury home, we’ll create an initial concept design. The concept is where you start to see your vision come to life. We work with you collaboratively during this process to get feedback on the design and start creating the look, feel & functionality of your dream home.

Stage 3: Site Visit & Construction Drawings

Once we have created a concept design, we will move forward & develop your construction drawings. At this point a site survey will be necessary and we will even do a site visit. It’s important to take into account any environmental factors such as sun positioning, shade spots and lines of sight, to make sure we build a house that leverages its’ natural environment for your ultimate comfort, privacy and pleasure. Once construction drawings & engineering are completed we can complete all the necessary council submissions to get approval for construction.

Stage 4: Formal Quote & Tender

The vision of your dream home is now starting to turn into a reality. With construction drawings & engineering completed, we can formally estimate and quote the project. The formal quoting process gives you an exact fixed price amount for the construction of your new home.

Stage 5: Construction

Once all plans are approved, contracts signed & the construction certificate is issued, we’ll get to work. During this stage, we’ll consult with you every step of the way. We will be in constant contact and you can make regular site visits to check how your new home is progressing.

Get your free concept design

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6 Steps To your Custom Home

Everything you need to know about building a luxury home. Packed full of helpful tips this is the first place to start when trying to decide on what steps to take when building your custom home.

We run through the entire custom home building process in detail. From concept all the way though to the build and handover.

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How quickly can we build your house?

The average council approval process can take time, however we aim to streamline the lodgement process to save wasted weeks, errors & constant back and forth. The construction time will vary depending on the size and complexity of your new home, however we work to a timeline and take into account any factors that require you to be in your home by a certain date.

Contact us today for an initial consultation

The best place to start is an initial enquiry & the completion of our new build questionnaire (it takes 5 minutes). At this stage we can see if we’re a good fit for your project, if we can work within your agreed budget, or if we see any potential roadblocks with your dream home ideas. To get started just enter your details, tell us a bit more about your home and access our new build questionnaire to complete.

So why wait?

This is your chance to build a luxurious custom home that expresses your unique personality and taste… a home that is harmonious with your lifestyle… a home you can be truly proud of… in your dream location… and within an agreed budget.

P.S — Remember, we’re here to make home building simple. Our clients choose us to build their custom homes because we’re able to bring the right people together, streamline the entire process, and draw up a clear & industry compliant contract that ensures your home is built on time, within your budget, and to our high quality standards.

P.P.S — Everything we build is custom. We strive to deliver high-quality homes that typically range between $500K – $1.5M+ in construction costs. If that’s within your budget, then contact us today for an initial consultation.

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Custom Home Building Resources

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